There’s no question it was a nasty election season.  The losers?  According to a poll by the Pew Research Center, just about everyone.

The press got blasted… even more than the candidates themselves.

3_4When voters were asked to grade how different people/groups conducted themselves in the campaign, Donald Trump got a D or F grade from 50% of those surveyed.  Hillary Clinton got a D or F from 37%.  The press, however, got a D or F from 59%.

But the media…

The media got the overall highest F grade at 38% of those surveyed.  Trump was at 35%, the Republican Party and Pollsters tied at 30%.

Trump receives historically low grades overall (30% A or B), in part because his own supporters are not all that positive about his campaign conduct. While a majority (58%) of Trump voters give Trump an A or B for his conduct during the campaign, just 17% give him an A. – Pew Research Center

Both political parties received the lowest grades since the survey started asking the question in 1988.  Nut they both fared better than the media.

Clinton’s overall grades are comparable to Romney’s in 2012 and only slightly worse than McCain’s in 2008. Today, 38% of Trump voters give Clinton a failing grade, similar to the share of Obama supporters who “failed” Romney in 2012 (32%), though just 15% of Obama voters gave McCain an F in 2008. – Pew Research Center


Folks, we’ve got a ways to go to regain trust.