For the first time, the time spent by social media users on Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter and Instagram has stopped growing.

In fact, the numbers are falling at a significant rate in the U.S. Facebook was off 6.7%. SnapChat was off 1.9%. Twitter was off 2.7%. Instagram showed the biggest drop at 32.1% in the U.S.

It’s the same elsewhere around the world, although the exact results varies. The study, by SimilarWeb, looked at app engagement and installs in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, South Africa, Spain, and in the UK. Some countries, like South Africa, have seen huge declines.

Putting all the countries in the study together, Instagram dropped the most at -23.7% year-to-year. Twitter usage was next, down 23.4%. Snapchat was down 15.7% and Facebook was off by 8%.

Installed App decreasing

As for app installs, Facebook dropped 4.9%, SnapChat dropped 5.6%, and Twitter dropped 7.1%. Curiously, Instagram — which had the biggest drop in engagement — had the largest increase of app installs, growing 7% from march of 2015 to March of 2016.

Still, social media is a force to be reckoned with. Facebook alone — even with the drop — is installed on 68% of all Android phones and the average user spent better than 45 minutes a day with it.