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If your ad plays with no sound, does anybody notice it?

Silence is golden when it comes to Facebook videos.  Well, maybe not quite, but new research shows that approximately 85% of FB video views are occurring without sound.

Digiday showcases one publisher, LittleThings, which averages 150 million monthly views on Facebook.  85% happen with users turning on the sound.  And they’re not alone.

fbvids1I remember in the early days of video on the web, when we would have a video auto-start, especially with sound, people got upset.  They might have been on their computer at work and all of a sudden a video starts blasting out of their speakers disrupting the workplace.  One of the cool features with Facebook is that video auto-start so you can get a sense of what you’re seeing.

What I see however is a lot of brands not recognizing their videos are being watched silently.  And without the audio, they don’t make sense or make an impression.  I’ve been guilty of that myself.  We did a series of pre-roll spots featuring product benefits as shown through the eyes of dogs.  In this case our TV newscasts.  But it only worked if you could hear the announcer or heard what the dogs were thinking.  Looked great in post!  But when it played on Facebook – with the sound off – it made no sense at all.

Lesson learned the hard way!

Here are things to keep in mind and ideas from Facebook IQ Source to make sure your video impression is maximized.