There’s been an incredible explosion in high-paying marketing jobs that are now available to work remotely.  Data scientists from Ladders, a website focused on six-figure jobs, reported a 1,985% increase from January of 2020 to September of 2021 in remote marketing jobs. Based on independent research and overall market trends, the company projects that by 2023, 25% percent of all high-paying jobs will be offered remotely. 

Data courtesy: Ladders, Inc.

Marc Cenedella, Ladders CEO, said he expects high-paying remote marketing, media, design jobs opportunities will continue their upward trend.

Before the pandemic, people working in creative fields assume in-person collaboration was essential to creating great ideas, he said. “Maybe that’s been true in the past,” Cenedella said, “But we’ve been creative over the last 18 months. It turns out the best ideas come in the shower, not the office.” 

These fields were already experiencing shifts even before the pandemic.

“In the last decade, marketing has become much more metrics-driven than three-martini lunch driven,” said Cenedella. “Employees and employers have learned new behavior that will change the way people work forever.”

Editor note: Three martini lunches??

 “Marketing historically involved collaborating with people in a building,” he said. “With the pandemic, we’ve had to relearn ways to do those activities and we’ve proven you don’t need to be tied down to one city when we can work from anywhere in the world.”