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At first glance, hiring employees for a company is not too difficult a task. However, if you take a closer look to what every company really needs, it might not be as easy as it looks. Yes, every company definitely needs employees to keep it up and running. But no employee will have the same heart as much as you have for the company. There will also be no employee who will work for the company as hard as you do. This is a quite sad reality for companies, but it is not hopeless. While this fact applies to all companies, many have succeeded in overcoming this obstacle. Though employees may never have the same dedication as their employers have, they can be motivated to try harder in achieving the goals of the company and to a level of success they never thought they cold reach, without burning them out and causing them to quit.

It is a common perception that bosses should push their employees harder to make them perform better. However, pushing is not the way to go. Instead of pushing, pull them towards success. Just like a line of thread, you can’t make it move by pushing because the thread will just hunch up. When you pull it, however, it becomes straight and then you can pull it to wherever you wish. As what how an old maxim says, “You can’t push a string.”

Leadership skills vary with every individual. Leaders have different approaches in handling and managing teams; and these approaches, while they make work for some teams, they may not be as effective in others. But basically, leadership styles should be aimed at the same things.
So whatever leadership style it is used on a team, be sure that you are pulling your team towards success and not push them down to frustration and exhaustion.

To help your team try harder while keeping them happy can be a little tricky but very much achievable. So here are a few tips for you.

Motivate, not Dictate

To be a good leader, you have to give room for your team to move freely without having you to dictate to them what to do. Define to them your objectives and what things you want to be done. But be careful that you do not dictate to them how to get those objectives accomplished.

Let them think on their own and be creative.. Just be there to supervise and provide assistance when they need it.

Allow your team to make decisions

Teams would first need the approval of their manager before they can make a decision. This does not encourage productivity. Good leadership does not mean the team needs to get approval over everything, including much simpler day to day tasks. Letting the team decide on their own from time to time will also help a leader know how the team members’ characters, tendencies, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses. In a way, it is a tool the leader can use in approaching and handling the team. Again, as a leader, you be there to check and correct and not to think for them in all things.

It’s not just about performing better

Your team has to understand that it is not just about trying harder and pushing themselves to their limit to get things done. You have to explain to them how vital their contributions are to every success of the company. It has to be made clear to them that their contributions do not just translate to profits but to solve hurdles in the company as well. Make them see the outcome of their hard work being put together.

Recognize your team’s hard work

Critiquing your team plays a vital role in their performance. It helps them see the mistakes they have committed in their jobs that need to be changed, improved, or leave.  It also encourages them to try harder and be more thoughtful about what they are doing. Critiquing is, in perspective, good but employees also need feel appreciated for the job or success they have done or achieved. Complimenting them make them feel that you are happy that you are working with them and that you see their hard work to get things achieved successfully. It also excites and inspired them to do better than the last when they know that their hard work is appreciated.

Don’t hold back the incentives

It shouldn’t just be the leaders and big bosses enjoying the companies profits resulting from a collective effort from its employees. Money is a great incentive for the team to work well and to become more productive. When they see that they properly compensated for their work, they are encouraged to be honest in what they do and have a little more care for the positions they have and especially for the company. Additionally, a happy tummy also translates to better job done. Be generous when you are able to and don’t hesitate to feed you hungry team.

In conclusion, good leadership happens when you do not just think about what is good for the company but also the employees as well. Remember that when team members are better taken care of, results of their hard work are invaluable.

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