The news that Facebook is tweaking the algorithm to give higher priority to friends posts and pictures and de-emphasizing news publishers will change the amount of referral traffic to news websites.

online-news-sites-get-80-of-their-readers-from-two-sources-facebook-and-googleFacebook told publishers to expect a decrease.  This is on top of the 42% decrease reported last month at major publishing sites from the last tweak.

It’s a big deal.  Here’s how to make sure your content stays in your fan’s feeds.

Facebook’s advice is to create content that your audience will share with their friends… which will get a higher priority in the feed.  That’s not so easy.

Spread the Word

One strategy is to spread the word on how to make sure your loyal followers see your content.  Here’s how.

If you want to make sure your favorite news organizations stay in your feed, there are two things you need to do:

  1. Change your settings
  2. Engage with the content

Change the Settings

Go to the FB page of the site you want to see.  Click on either the down arrow on your Like button or the Feed Icon  like    next to it (depending on which version of FB you are using).  You should see a drop-down menu with “In Your News Feed.”  If it says default, you’ll get content – but filtered through the algorithm.  If you want to make sure you see everything from the site, click the “See First” option.

Engage with the Content

The algorithm is still King.  If you want to see more of something, engage with it more.  If you want to see less, ignore it.  Simple.