Young pretty woman using social media on her smartphone
Social media users are more likely women, over age 35

May, 2016 stats from eMarketer show some interesting changes in social media consumers.  For the first time, the majority of US social network users were age 35 or older in 2015.  That line has been narrowing for years, but it’s the first time the “older folks” officially crossed into the majority.  Wait.  Did I just say 35 is older?  Wow.

How back is social media?  It’s big.  Really big.  Although growth is starting to slow, social media now reaches in excess of 180 million folks in the US.  It’s predicted that by 2020, 70% of US internet users will use social media.

Who uses social media? Just about everybody.  Women more than men.  And more on mobile than desktop.  More than 150 million people in the US use mobile phones for social networks.  83% of smartphone users and 68% of tablet users accessed social.

Here’s the full report.  The synopsis is in the infographic below.

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