According to PwC research, by the mid-2030s, one-third of all employment could be automated. So, are you worried about whether your job might become obselete?

The team at ResumeGenius surveyed 1,000 employees to find out. Respondents were polled about:

  • Attitudes and feelings toward AI at work
  • Influence of AI on the labor market
  • First-hand experience with AI in the workplace

AI Survey Results

  • 69% of workers fear losing their job due to the growth of AI.
  • 74% predict that AI technology will make human workers obsolete.
  • IT, manufacturing, and healthcare are the industries considered most at risk of being replaced by AI technology.
  • 25% are willing to interact with AI in their workplace instead of humans.
  • 75% were positive about using AI at work, 21% remained neutral, and only 4% viewed it negatively.

Take a look at the full article for more information, including detailed infographics: