Now is the time to create a fully functioning digital platform for your small or medium-sized business. Customers should be able to do everything online. They should be able to see your services, or your menu, and should be able to make appointments or buy online (even if just for click-and-collect or curbside pickup). Your website will always be open, and it can actually offer you a huge number of opportunities to solidify your brand and really bring in new customers.

What You Need for a Great Website

A great website is one that looks great, works perfectly, and is one that is secure. This isn’t just to protect you from hackers, either. A secure website and business is one that Google ranks more highly on relevant search results. That’s why before you get excited about revamping your website, you will first want to hire managed IT services from Capstone IT services (Florida). This example is ideal for businesses in West Palm Beach, so if you are not in the area you will want to find a local business like them that can protect you.

Once you are protected both behind the scenes and on your website, you can then start to invest in proper website design. Follow up with an SEO audit, and you will be well on your way.

What You Need for a Great Social Presence

Focus on the social channels that make the most sense for your business. Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok are the big giants, but Twitter and Pinterest can be and still are useful for businesses. It depends entirely on what your business does, but if you are still starting out it is a good idea to keep your efforts focused on a couple platforms, and then expand from there so you don’t run yourself too thin trying to build up an audience.

When building that audience try to put organic engagement and authenticity at your forefront. Small businesses can thrive using this approach, as it makes customers feel like part of your family. They want to help you because they feel proud of your efforts and want you to succeed.

What You Need for a Great Google Presence

You actually have a lot of control over what your presence looks like when people Google your business. If you have a generic name, yes you will need SEO services. If you are a small local business or a unique name, however, then you can use these tips to improve and clean up your Google’s profile.

  1. Claim your business.
  2. Increase Name, Address, and Phone number listings.
  3. Ensure all results you control are optimized and look great.
  4. Work to get your business featured by local or niche publishers.

You will want to start by claiming your business on Google. Google My Business is a very useful tool and can start to clean up your business’ google search results immediately. Add your business to as many niche and local directories as possible and follow through with the rest of the steps from there.