The business world continues to reel from what has been a dramatic 2020. With many businesses having to make a shift online, and others still simply calling defeat and closing their doors forever, this is a time of profound change on our high streets, in our malls, and across the globalized world. 

If you’re planning on starting a small, local business in the wake of this change, you’re not alone. Plenty of individuals feel it’s time to look local with their business offerings, and in order to create and secure your local enterprise, here are some important tips to get your business off the ground.


All businesses need those milestone moments where they officially declare themselves to be new to the world and ready to trade. Of course, there’s the ‘ideation’ stage of your business where you brainstorm and think of ways to make your company useful for your local community. But there are a few things that you absolutely must do in order to exist as an enterprise:

  • You’ll need to register your business and cover legal duties with the help of a lawyer
  • You’ll have to buy a domain name that matches your brand and begin building a website
  • You’ll need to develop a business model so that you understand how you’ll make cash
  • You’ll need to invest some resources – either through a loan or your own savings – into your project

With these four key ingredients dealt with, you’ll be ready to start building and protecting your all-important business assets.

Insurance and Protection

You cannot run a business that’s vulnerable to losses, court cases, or fines. If you’re concerned about your local business’ viability – or even legality – you need to go straight to your attorney for advice. Meanwhile, if you’re concerned that your assets might be vulnerable in some way, this is the time to insure them.

Many local businesses use vehicles to deliver goods, especially in the post-pandemic world. Your vehicles need to be covered by a specific insurance policy in order for you to secure a proportionate payout if one of them is damaged, lost or stolen. That’s where motor trade insurance UK comes in – helping you to properly protect assets like vehicles from the worst of luck that could befall you.

Building Relationships

Local businesspeople are some of the happiest in the world. They earn a living by doing something local that they enjoy providing to their community. And they build strong and lasting relationships with their clients and customers, becoming a bastion of the community in the process.

With such a wonderful journey ahead of you, it’s already time to begin investing in friendships and the loyalty of your local customers. Building these relationships takes time, but if you’re ready to make some cash while at the same time serving the people around you that you care about the most, then now is the time to market your products and services and to get out on the streets to introduce your business to local consumers.

These three key tips will help you get your small local business off the ground in 2020.