Live TV viewing continue to decline, but still accounts for 58% of all media usage

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April 13, 2017 by Paul Dughi


Live TV viewing continues to decline.  Smartphone viewing doubled in the last year. Viewing on tablets and other mult-media devices grew as well.  Still, Live TV still dominated the amount of time people watched video each day in 4Q 2016, according to Nielsen’s total audience report, accounting for 58% of all video viewing.

Live TV viewing dropped from 4 hours, 23 minutes a day (down 4 minutes a day from the same period a year ago), Smartphone media usage grew from 1 hour, 15 minutes a year ago to 2 hours, 32 minutes a day.

tv viewing.JPG

Here’s the breakdown for each category of viewing with the increases or decreases.

  • Live TV viewing:  4 hours and 23 minutes (down from 4 hours, 27 minutes in 2015)
  • Time Shifted TV viewing: 33 minutes  (up from 32 minutes)
  • Smartphones:  2 hours and 32 minutes (up from 1 hour, 15 minutes)
  • Tablets:  26 minutes (up from 23 minutes)
  • Other Multi-Media Devices:  17 minutes (up from 11 minutes)

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