When DirecTV launched its skinny bundle in November, offering 100 channels for $35 a month, it was called disruptive.  Other bundles on the market were either much smaller, or single-provider options, like HBO or CBS.  It almost seemed to be too good to be true. Alas, it was.

Those days are over

Effective January 9th, DirecTV says the “Go Big” package will now cost $60. Add the necessary data streaming you’ll need and you’re now pushing a hundred bucks. Sounds a lot like the cable bundle, doesn’t it?

Oh, if you’re doing the math, that’s a 71% increase.

In launching the product, DirecTV’s press room put out this missive: Because of efficiencies, the cost of delivery was going to be minimal and, as CEO Randall Stephenson said, “I’m always willing to take thinner margins when there is low capital intensity in the product.”

 “(DirecTV Now) is exclusively an over the-top product. This is no set-top box, this is no truck roll, this is a customer pulling down an app getting a very robust platform. This is a very unique cost structure and a very unique platform,” that’s been built from the ground up minimizes costs to AT&T. – AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson

That didn’t last long.

Note: people that did sign up at $35 will get to keep the price… for now.