OK, so you know who’s running for President and maybe the local school board (maybe). Do you know what statewide initiatives are on the ballot and what the language means?  It might help to look at the info ahead of time so you’re not trying to decipher legalize in the voting booth.

Some states publish sample ballots and some mail them out ahead of time, but not all.  You can try to search your state’s election website, or your local county, or Google the info – but you might or might not be able to find the results.

Facebook has added a new feature – an easy way to see what’s on the ballot in your area.  FB has partnered with nonpartisan Center for Technology and Civic Life to provide customized previews of the ballot you’ll see on voting day.

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It pulls information based on the address you have attached to your Facebook profile.  It accurately pulled up mine when I clicked on the link.  It even provided position papers created by opposing sides on statewide issues.

You can try it for yourself here.

The candidates are presented in random order in a horizontal scroll and there are several ways to interact with the candidate profiles. You can view their issue positions (information candidates have provided about their policy positions), their endorsements, recent posts and their website. – Facebook Newsroom