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Ohio News Network


“How fast can we launch a statewide news network?”

That was the question posed to our team at WBNS-TV in Columbus, Ohio when I was News Director.  Turned out, pretty darned quickly.  We interviewed and hired 20-some people in 30 days and within 60 days, we were up and running.

ONNI bought the first graphic package on-line with my credit card for $500.  I found a local company to build us a set.  Working with the production and engineering staff, we unveiled server-based technology and a sophisticated schedule that allowed us to mix and match live and recorded programs and segments.

ONN1The channel launched 24/7 from its first day, with original, live newscasts in prime time.

Throughout the day, anchors and reporters would record segments, which would be aired throughout the 24/7 schedule. Often, these newscasts only existed when they were assembled by the automation, as each segment might have been recorded separately to work around existing schedules.

The channel grew from one cable channel locally to a statewide channel, offering 24/7 live news with its own staff.  It aired on cable systems in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo and statewide on Time Warner.

The channel made it to its 15-year anniversary before it was shut down in 2012.