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kndu-300-wWhen I arrived at KNDO (Yakima, WA) and KNDU (Tri-Cities, WA) in 2000, neither property had station websites.  I built the first versions by writing the code myself to get something up and going.

Then, I partnered with a local company to develop a CMS to make it easier to publish stories.  I developed the systems and wrote the back end code to publish videos to the website.

By today’s standards, it looks pretty dated. But at a time where there was nothing in place – and no budget to develop a website – it got us in the game.  We were first to market with video and the only station with video and a video archive for several more years.

mobileAt the same time, we developed a mobile website, using WAP technology, before it become popular.  We developed versions for cell phones (before internet-enabled cell phones become the norm) as well as the Palm Pilot.

Over time, we migrated to every available platform, before eventually replacing all of it with products from World Now.