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Digital Local News Channels



The transition to digital opened up new opportunities for content and revenue.  As soon as we made the switch, we launched two 24/7 local channels:

8&amp;9The Digital Local News Channel provided a 24/7 live stream of our local news products. Newscasts were live when available or repeated and updated as necessary.

We added Prime Time newscasts weekdays, airing at 8 & 9pm and prominently featured live breaking news and major community events.




The Digital Local Weather Channel provided a 24/7 live stream, utilizing NBC’s WeatherPlus with a staff of local meteorologists.


Both channels were available on KNDO (Yakima, WA) and KNDU (Tri-Cities, WA) digital sub-channels as well as via station websites.

The experience I gained there allowed me to ramp things up significantly when, years later, I developed one of the country’s first (if not the first) mobile 24/7 local news channel.