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California Revenue Growth


When the Cowles family purchased the CBS, Telemundo, and CW station (as well as a SSA with FOX) in Monterey/Salinas, CA and the CBS and FOX affiliates in the Santa Barbara/Santa Maria/San Luis Obispo, CA markets, the company asked me to run the group.  While being the hands-on General Manager for the Monterey stations, I was also President of Cowles California Media, overseeing all six of the stations operations.

Both markets had trailed the market in revenue.  We re-tooled just about everything in both markets.  By the end of the second full year, we’d made major headway, moving from 2nd to first in revenue in both markets.

We picked up 9.5 share points in revenue against our competitors in Monterey and grew 6.2 share points in revenue in Santa Barbara.

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