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I have a proven track record of taking troubled properties and dramatically increasing revenue and ratings using innovative systems, technology, and strategies – while maintaining the highest journalistic ethics and a strong community presence.

From News Anchor to News Director to General Manager to Group President, I have 17 years of experience managing TV stations and more than 30 years experience in TV.  I have continually re-invented myself and the companies I manage in the face of emerging technologies.  How many General Managers do you know that have taken the time to become Google Ad Words certified and IAB Digital Sales certified?


Named one of Local Media Asociation’s 2017 “Media Influencers”

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Paul Dughi named one of Broadcasting & Cable magazine’s Digital All-Stars for 2016

“On the front lines of transforming the broadcast industry


Named one of Medium’s “Top Writers” on Social Media, Journalism

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As the business has changed, I’ve continued to evolve and innovate.  I launched The Ohio News Network, a statewide news channel in Ohio, in 1996.   I wrote most of the code for my TV station’s first website in 2000, created 24/7 digital local news and local weather channels in 2005, and the country’s first 24/7 live, mobile (OTT) news channels in 2010.

In 2011, I developed the Next Gen Newsroom, which provided news for six TV stations in different markets from a single location… in English and Spanish.  watch-video

In 2012, my cohort and I opened up C2, a digital agency (now operating in four states) and in 2015, launched AudiencePop, a digital agency in Alabama.  And if you want to know what we’re doing that increased digital sales by 200+%, you can read it here.

Along the way, I increased cash flow at my current station by 285% in two and a half years and margins by 226%.

Here are some sample Projects, Promotions, and Community Service campaigns that I personally spearheaded.




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